I have a brother and he is mine.


See that monster next to me? He is my new brother Sam. He is huge and has a big noggin. My man human found him sad, starving and crying for help. He was pretty much just skin and bones when we found him, so I named him bonebag. So my man human brought him here for a shower and.. MY TUMMY FILLERS!?!? Wait, wait, wait.. I was ok with giving him a shower and maybe let him sleep in the corner but THIS?? This is crossing the line. So I  told him straight up, “I am not ok with this. I am mad and I am not happy and that is mine. This box we live in is mine, this human holder is mine, that big noise making flat color thingy by the wall is mine. So dont mess with anything, bonebag. Got it??? Good”…

The next day I wake up and expect to see bonebag packing his fur. I look around and realize he is asleep on the human holder and not leaving. What the heck is happening here?? I need to go check this fella out. I walked up to that big bonebag and sniffed and poked him until I  smelt what I needed to smell. I think I will poke him a few more times for good measure.. poke..poke, poke… He smells ok for now. I guess I  can let this giant bone bag stay for another day.

2 thoughts on “I have a brother and he is mine.

  1. Thank you for being nice to bone bag. I, too, was a none bag when mom found me. I invaded my house and disrupted my sister Khia’s perfect set up. Your parents are wonderful for opening their hearts to him!

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