I’m Stronger Than That!!


That is me, nearly dead from the neighbor feeding me a heart pill inside of some chicken. I only ate part of the pill but it still almost took my life.
My humans didn’t know I ate it until I collapsed on the floor in front of them and started turning blue. They picked me up off the floor and rushed me to my doctor. On the way there I passed out and came to several times. My mom was driving with her knee, holding my head and yelling my name every time i fell asleep, all while calling my doctor. The doctor didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t do anything for me. They laughed and called it some sort of miracle that i could walk around. That made my mom really angry and she started yelling from the waiting room so they could hear that she was mad at them for turning it into some stupid joke. So they sent me back home after charging my mom a hundred dollars for doing nothing for me.
After we got home my parents searched the yard and this is what they found:


Chicken with a pill in it.

My mom called the cops, the humane society and the vet. My mom asked the vet if he still thought it was funny and he said no and that he is sorry for laughing. The cops won’t do anything even though they have probable cause against the child that lives next door because he talks about killing live animals. But they still won’t arrest him. The humane society took the chicken and the pill and we haven’t heard from them since.

Where is my justice? Why are they getting away with harming me?

My parents take me out to the yard now, I am no longer allowed to go alone because people can’t be trusted they said. My mom goes outside and searches the yard before I am allowed to go outside. This isn’t fair to me and no justice has been done.

Today I am better but I don’t talk to my parents like I used to. No more whining, no baby yips for attention, and the excitement I had when I saw my humans is not there anymore. They damaged me. They hurt me. I won’t be the same again and it make my mom cry a lot.

I need justice. I need them to pay for their criminal actions.

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