I ate food from the counter today


I couldn’t help myself. That amazing tummy filler was just laying on the counter staring at me, calling my name… “Anya…Anya, don’t I smell yummy”. Yes, indeed it did smell yummy. I wanted it. No, I needed it and I think it needed me too.
So there it was just sitting and waiting in the food making room. I know I shouldn’t but I step one small paw into the kitchen and stop. I check behind me to make sure those tall humans aren’t looking. Coast is clear, in I go. I have to move fast so I won’t be caught. I sprint to the counter and stand on my back feet like the humans do. Luckily I am just tall enough to reach the tummy filler now. I grab all I can and gulp it down as fast as I can. There’s more to eat so I slurp it all up and start to leave the food making room.
Oh no! My chin hit the round flat rock I just ate from and it went crashing to the ground. I can hear my humans coming so I make a run for it. They won’t know it was me if I am not in there when they arrive. I jump on the couch and lay down before the wall opens and they enter. They take one step in and can see the round flat rock on the floor of the food making room. Oh I hope they don’t know it was me. The female human goes in the food making room and examines what I did.
Uh-oh. Here she comes. She knows it was me. But how did she figure it out? She must be the smartest pack leader there ever was. I am in trouble now, I have been informed that it is now my bed time. Good night humans. Lock up your food.

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