I’ll eat that!

I love when mom cooks. She always drops the cooked fat on the floor for me to much on, its the best. I will sit an the entrance of the kitchen and watch her every move. I know sooner or later she will drop something onto the floor and I will jump at it so fast that she will not get the chance to even try to pick it up.

I have had many of things in my young life. Ants, chicken, paper, beef, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes and many, many more things. I am really not a fan of salad, but mom is. She eats that nearly every day with her lunch.

If I had it my way, she would make me a meal that looks exactly like hers so we can eat it together, at the same time. And when I am done in .05 second she can share the rest of hers too. Why is this not a law? Where is my book of dog law, I am sure it says that in there somewhere.. I need to check that right away so I can call the authorities if she is a rule breaking criminal.

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