I’m a bad dog.

Today I was a bad dog. I wanted to follow my small human (I learned his name, it’s Geromy) to the other side of the fence and my only way out was to jump it. Thankfully I learned to jump high because my human likes to hold my toys above my head and make me try to get it out of their hand.

Once I had jumped the fence it was time to make a run for it. I didn’t know how he got where he was exactly so I ran across the field to the hard black thing, which I believe is called “the road”. I turned and went down the street a few steps to the alley I could see him in.

YES! I found him!! I ran at him as fast as I possibly could. I was so excited.

All of a sudden I hear him yelling at me. “ANYA! What are you doing?!?!” Oh no… I am in soo much trouble right now. He said I had to go home right away. I dropped my ears and my tail stopped wagging. I was sad.

I got in trouble with the boss human, mom. She made me go to bed and take a nap. Now, I am grounded and have to stay in the house. I will most likely jump the fence again one day, just not this day.

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