My Small Human

My small human


My favorite human is the small one. He is so dang cool! He walks around and makes noises all day long. I like the way he smells too – like a bit of dirt, sugar, trees, and some unknown scents that I’ve never smelt before. Whatever it is, I sure do like it.

I can follow him around for hours. He gets annoyed by that sometimes cause I like to poke my nose into the back on his leg every chance I get. I just like to touch him is all. It makes my little dog heart smile awfully big.

Right now, I am waiting patiently on the outside of the kitchen while he makes some yummy smelling tummy filler. I know that once he is done putting it in his human bowl he will come into the living room and I can sit as his feet waiting for some sort of morsel to fall onto the floor for me to suck in like a Hoover vacuum. I am not allowed in the kitchen because I like to lay right in front of the stove, and the humans say that I am in the way so they kick me out.

Oh! Here he comes now! I must go so I am prepared to eat his tummy filler morsels.

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