Why are you leaving without me??


This is me and one of my humans. I love this human so much. Today, she left me sitting in the yard while I cried out trying to tell her not to go on the hard black thing with fast colors. I was afraid one of the colors would attack her. So I sat back and squeaked over and over, as loud as I possibly could. She wouldn’t listen to me. She got on that black things and went to the other side of it. I couldn’t believe that a color did not attack while she crossed it.

I couldn’t see her anymore. She disappeared, and I was very worried. I sat and waited patiently for her to reappear on the other side of the black thing and come back to our dirt patch. Finally, after hours it seems (maybe it was just minutes but it sure did feel like forever) I saw her crossing the black hard thing again. But wait! There is a fast color coming! I could see that she was just standing there starring at the fast color, and from what I can tell it’s about to attack her. I begin to squeak as loud as possible so she knows to watch out. Then the fast color flies in front of here and I feel doom, she has been attacked.

Oh, but what’s this? The color is not gone and she is still standing on the other side of the hard dark thing. That’s terrific! I am so excited I begin to jump around and whine. My human is back! I am so very happy about that. I love my humans.

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